Tanks and Heavy Armour 

Tracked heavy armour from WW1 to the present day is the core subject matter unerpinning Landship Photography's existence.

A long-standing passion for Tanks and the desire to capture the best and most evocative images of classic military vehicles is what drives Landship Photography onwards. 

Soft-skins, ARV's & Wheeled Armour

Encompassing a broad range of niches including wheeled and semi tracked vehicles,

soft-skins, transporters, bulldozers and heavy wreckers, Landship Photography captures these vehicles in all their glory - the bigger the better !

From bicycles to armoured trains, underground bunkers to sound mirrors, Landship Photography also specialises in capturing associated military related industrial archeology and transport subjects. 

The Human Element

Integral to any realistic recreation of historic events are of course people - vehicle crews, medics, infantry, officers, gunners, engineers, cooks, civilians and more. Landship has much experience in photographing living history enthusiasts in context, with discretion, empathy and attention to detail. 


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